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When you’re in pain, all you want to do is feel better and get back to doing the things you enjoy. So why wait to see if it clears up, leaving you at risk of it worsening and stopping you from enjoying life? I can help you not just in the short term, but show you stretches, strengthening exercises and lifestyle adjustments to give you long term relief from aches, pains and injuries. Get in touch today to see how I can help get you back to health.

If you’re already set to get your pain under control, why not book your appointment online using the link below:

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Hi, I’m Lauren! I am a registered, professional and friendly osteopath and Clinical Pilates instructor practising in clinics in Waddon and Coulsdon, Surrey. Osteopaths are university trained, regulated, insured, safe and effective at treating a vast range of people and their conditions. I have personal experience with injury and as a result, focus on long term recovery and rehabilitation from injury. By combining hands on Osteopathy and Dry Needling with strengthening and stretching Clinical Pilates exercises, you will be rid of your pain and will have the tools you need to keep it at bay in the future.

For a free 15 minute telephone consultation, get in touch! Call me on 07840130294 or send me an email at info@ljosteopathy.co.uk to start on your road to recovery!

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