Dry Needling

In addition to osteopathic techniques and Clinical Pilates, Lauren also offers Dry Needling as part of her Osteopathy treatment sessions. Dry needling involves inserting needles into tender spots (Trigger Points) within a muscle, with the aim of reducing the tightness in the area, allowing more blood to circulate to the area and increasing the movement in the muscle and surrounding muscles and joints.

Dry needling Helena

Dry needling takes its term from the fact that the needles used as solid – nothing is injected into the muscle. The needles that Lauren uses are quarter of a millimetre wide, meaning it is often painless other than a dull ache which can occur when the needle is first inserted. Lauren uses single use needles so they are hygienic and safe.

There are a number of theories as to how dry needling works. Some argue that it causes local inflammation in the treated area, prompting the area to heal quicker. Some studies have looked at how muscles respond to needling, assessing how to move the needle to loosen muscle knots. And some believe that the needles affect the nerves in the area, causing the muscle to ‘calm down’. As a result, dry needling can be very effective for muscular aches and pains.

Of course, needles aren’t for everyone and as with all aspects of treatment, Lauren will ask for your consent before she uses them. Please don’t feel pressured into having dry needling – it is entirely your choice and Lauren understands many people have fears of needles. There are also some situations where dry needling is not appropriate – Lauren will discuss this with you if this is the case. But if you’re happy to have this safe, effective treatment done, Lauren will be happy to help!

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